Thursday, January 01, 2009

Unwrapping LO and my HEALTH - or should I say sickness

This autumn has been very difficult for me in health way.
Especially December has made me so tired and sick I never been before.
It all started in June during my vacation. I thought I had injured my left knee somehow cause I had pain. Slowly I started to feel the pain in the right knee and my back and my shoulders and soon I felt like I had been beaten all over completely. I went to see a doctor 13.8 - he put me on x-ray and I have worn out knees and fingers. I didn't get any medicine.
Went to the next doctor 15.9 and she ordered Glucosamin and Arcoxia.
Didn't help me much and visited the doctor again 25.11. Well, she ordered a different medicine-Panadol Forte.
Finally I had an appointment with a physical therapist. She was the first one who really listened to me, understood I REALLY was in pain and after the whole hour I talked to her I just hugged her and started to cry. She also gave me a phone time to a doctor she knew was a good one.
On 10.12 I finally met Riitta Kinanen who put me on a lot of tests and after the results told me it was best if I went to a Rheumatologist. At this point my knees was so swollen i could not walk fine, not to speak of putting my clothes on or to go to toilet. Thank God there is bathroom sinks to lean on!!!
I still went to work cause I work at the Post Office and everyone knows how it is before Christmas, when everyone wants to send cards and gifts.
30.12 I finally went to a Rheumatologist and he diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia - what I already had been thinking of. BUT - the swollowness in my knees is probably something else and has to be found out. Anyway, he injected cortisone in both my knees and VOILA I can walk better, put my clothes on without thinking HOW i will manage it. I can go to toilet without "hanging" on the sink. And I don't have that AWFUL,DREADFUL PAIN night and day!!!!!
So I have hope for a better New Year.

Here is my last lo for December @ GDS

Unwrapping - Holiday Splash kit by Andrea Gold

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