Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another challenge layout at GDS

This one I made cause I just LOVE the colors in the picture.
It was taken last summer (well, it WAS cold) at a trip with my co-workers.

Template - Alice Naylor
Papers and elements - Kalaniscrap
Alpha - Kalaniscrap
Feltcorners - Ssarducci
Wordart - Joluvsdogs

Pretty baby clothes gone into a LO

Ok, Im a new grandma and I have a new clothes.....
Here is a Lo I made for a challenge at GDS

Journaling says:
In my opinion a little girl looks so cute in pink, rosa and fuchsia.
I love to buy pretty baby clothes.

Double frame - Melanie Colbert
Paper, butterflies, white flowers - Benthai creations
Cross stitches - Admirandoavida
Ribbon - a-gus
Journal mat and small stitches - Lively
Word art - LJD
Font -
MC Sweetie hearts

Friday, June 08, 2007

Orange and fun

I downloaded this orange gorgeous kit of Bettityscrap and wanted to find a perfect picture for it.
Well, I dont know if the pic is perfect but kind of funny and the colors matches. LOL
The photo is 31 year old but I still remember like yesterday my funny cat Micke.
It is not really a kiss.....Micke is taking a yummy treat from my lips.

Light orange paper - Scrappicnic\Flower Dream
Papers and elements - Bettytiscrap\kit printemps
Template - Bettytiscrap
Alpha - Scraphouse\FunkyOrange
Stitches - Atomic Cupcake

Sunday, June 03, 2007

2 new LO:s

I have been blessed with a beautiful granddaughter on May 20.
She is a Sunday child and so small and cute. 3 kg 370 g / 48 cm.

Template - Scrappy Thomsen
Elements and papers - Jessy
Journal tab - EvaK Designs
Journal paper - Deb Ammerman
Font - Porcelain

This LO I made for a template challenge at Scrap-Garden
as well as a element challenge at GDS

Waterdrops - Welli Designs
Template - Jeany´s Design
Grey paper - Nicole Harnisch
Pink and green paper - Jana McCarthy
Staples and stitches - Nastie
at Scrap-Garden