Friday, November 03, 2006

My First blog 4.11.2006

Well, I really dont know why I decided to start this blog.
Anyway, here I am but dont know what to write.

Maybe I start with an introduction:
I am Carola from Finland, 50 years young, married and 3 adult kids.
Started to play The Sims when it came out and have been addicted since that.
For the last one year I have been possessed by PSP.....LOL
Have been tubing and tagging and just gathering stuff and knowledge about the PSP word.

I am working full day so there is not so much time to have fun at my PC.
Yeah and about the blog name - when I started to create for The Sims I had to come up with a prefix for my stuff "FunWithTheSims" = FWTS
I continued with the same name when I started my "PSP design"

FWTS_Desertsand *rug*

FWTS_BlueScent *tag*

FWTS_OrientalLook *tube*