Saturday, June 07, 2008

Template challenge at Weeds & Wildflowers

Entered a template challenge at W&W and used only products by W&W.
Had to by those cute buttons; there are 122 of them in many colors.
Here is my LO:

Journaling says:
I got this picture as an email from one of my co-workers attached with a note:
"Now I understand why it took the whole day yesterday."
And I was laughing to tears.
Why you may ask. I tell you!!
The day before we had been counting the stamps
(has to be done every month)
When I finished counting I attached a paper on the drawer with a statement:
"Counted 29.4; if you take, leave a note."
Ok, the next morning someone had thrown that paper in the bin.
Someone had also emptied a parcel with these styrox pieces.
And well, it seems like I had been counting those styrox pieces!!!
LOL. I just LOVE my co-workers!!

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opal said...

thanks sweetie :-).I appreciate it.